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Magento Setup
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1. Install


3. Set up your campaigns

4. Billing



1. Install


The AdCurve Magento Extension is available for Magento Community versions 1.7 - 1.9, or Magento Enterprise versions 1.12 - 1.14, and requires PHP version 5.3 or higher.


It is recommended that you create a back-up of your shop before installing any new extensions, and if possible install the extension in a test environment first to ensure that there are no conflicts or issues caused by the new extension.

The AdCurve extension uses the the Magento Cron Scheduler. For most shops this will already be active. If it’s not, you will need to active cron before starting the extension install.

 Finally, you will need to disable the compiler before starting the install. This can be found through your Magento control panel: System menu –> Tools –> Compilation



There are two ways to install the extension.

  • If you’ve requested the Magento Plug-in, we’ll email you the install package as a zipped archive.  

  • Alternatively, install directly from Magento Connect / Magento Marketplace with a .tgz file and an  Extension Key.  


After extracting the files from the archive, locate the map with the file-name “App” and upload this to your Magento installation.

No files should be overwritten, however if your SSH or FTP client does prompt you to replace or merge files, please select merge.

Once the file is uploaded, you will need to clear your cache from the Magento Control panel. This can be found in System  –> Administration. Select Cache, select all options, and then “refresh” from the drop down menu and confirm.

Once the cache has been cleared, please log out of the Magento control panel.


2. Registration

Go to AdCurve and select Storeview 

When you log back in after installation, you can find the AdCurve extension with System  –> Configuration  –> AdCurve 


Select the storeview that you’d like to use with AdCurve.

Registration form

On the configuration page you’ll find an AdCurve registration form. You will need to complete this form so that we can set up your shop in AdCurve.

Installation type
If you would like to run a test installation at first, please select the installation type “test”.

A test installation on a storeview can be overwritten by a live installation. Please note that a live installation cannot be overwritten.  

Company data
Please fill out the fields about your company.  

Shop Data
Choose the storeview you would like to register with AdCurve and fill out the additional fields.
Some fields might be pre-filled. Check if the data is correct.

Contact Details
Please enter the contact details of someone at your company.
The contact email is your email address to login with AdCurve. 


Please note: if you have multiple shops that operate from different websites, please contact us before registration so that we can provide assistance with creating multiple shops under the same user account.

Once you have filled out the entire form, please press the “Register” Button.
After pressing the “Register” Button, the following screen should appear.
Press “Accept” to proceed. This will bring you to the AdCurve page. 



Finalize your AdCurve Account

The link from the email will take you to an AdCurve page. Please confirm the email, country and industry in the page.
Fill in the average product margin (%) so that AdCurve is able to calculate the ROI of your ads.


Note:  when you are using the cost attribute in Magento, AdCurve will use that field to calculate the ROI of your ads. In case the cost field is empty or not set, AdCurve will use the average product margin that you set in this page.  

 Agree to the terms and finalize your AdCurve account by pressing “next step / create account”. This will bring you back to your Magento Admin Panel.  

Store Registration Status

When you get back to the Magento Admin panel, you will see a short status update of the registration as follows:

A successful registration will be shown as follows: 

Once complete, your shop is set up and ready to go. You’ll receive an email with your login details and a link to log in.


3. Set up your campaigns

Your first login will bring you to the AdCurve app store where you can find many channels to select. Select the channel that you would like to set up and follow the wizard to connect with a publisher and to start advertising.  

The setup for each channel can be different, please see a support article specific to that channel, or contact us for further support.

4. Billing

AdCurve works with a 30-days free trial period. The trial period doesn’t start from registration date, but rather from when we first start tracking visits on a campaign. 


Once you’re logged in to AdCurve you can use the Intercom button at the bottom right of the screen to contact us at any time for further support.


If you need support during the installation phase and don’t have access to AdCurve yet, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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