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Where can I find my Beslist ShopID?
Where can I find my Beslist ShopID?
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To connect Adcurve with Beslist you need to fill in your Beslist ShopID in the Adcurve wizard. Here are some options to get your Beslist ShopID.

Please note that you need to have an active Beslist Account to get your ShopID.

Option1) find your ShopID in your Beslist Account

  • Find your ShopID in the URL of the page that is loaded. (see screenshot)

Option2) Find your ShopID at website (note: this only works when your products are already live!)

  • Go to homepage

  • Type your shopname in the searchbar of Beslist

  • Go to: Toon Shop Aanbiedingen

  • Find your ShopID in the URL.

Option 3) Contact the Beslist customer desk and ask for your ShopID (also Client ID, API keys etc)

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