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Why do I see a "No connection" alert?
Why do I see a "No connection" alert?

What the No Connection alert means and how to fix it.

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AdCurve often requires a connection to a channel in order to update your products and collect costs. If we're unable to connect to the publisher, it can mean that any changes you make to your products won't be updated, and the information you see about costs, margin, profit or ROI will be inaccurate. 

The initial setup wizard for each channel should ask you for all the relevant details or credentials to establish the necessary connections to the channel. However if the wizard is not completed, or if there are changes to your account with the channel, AdCurve may not have access and you'll see the following alert:

If there is an issue with connection, you can resolve this on the "Connection" tab in on the publisher settings page.

Before getting attempting to connect to the channel, please ensure that you have pop-ups enabled, if you’re unsure of how to do so, please select your browser for further instructions: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox.

If you've followed the login prompts to grant AdCurve offline access to your account with the channel and are still having issues with connection, please contact support so that we can provide further assistance.

If you need any further support with this topic, or if something is missing from our article, please don't hesitate to start a chat with us at any time using the Intercom button in the bottom right of your screen.

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