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Can I add another shop to my account?
Can I add another shop to my account?

Adding additional shops to you AdCurve account

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If you have more than one shop, or more than one website that you sell your products on, you can set up each shop individually in AdCurve.

To add a new shop to your account, you'll need to complete the installation and shop setup wizard for your second shop. If you're on a retail platform like Shopify, this means installing the AdCurve extension to your second shop, and completing the setup wizard.

When completing the setup wizard it's extremely important that you use the same email address you used when you first created your account with AdCurve. This will allow us to match your new shop with your existing one and link them both to your account.

Once added, you'll be able to select different shops through the dropdown menu on the top navigation bar in AdCurve.

The data for each shop is entirely separate. A new shop added to your account will be a fresh shop with no data, and any channel connectors you want to use will need to be installed.


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