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How often are feeds updated?
How often are feeds updated?
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Feeds for your channels will be automatically generated several times per day. Exactly how many times per day depends on the channel and your webshop platform. 

Feeds will typically be generated every 4-6 hours, with 8 hours being the longest time between feed generation. 

The channel will however "collect", or process, the feed on their own schedule, and there can be some delay between when AdCurve generates your feed, and when the channel processes the changes.

For more information about checking manually generating feeds, and checking when your feed was last generated or collected, please check our Feed Management article.

Some channels work on an API connection, which provides a much faster turn-around for processing changes in your feed as AdCurve can actively "push" changes to the channel, rather than waiting for them to collect the feed. Channels operating with an API connection will typically be updated every 30 minutes.

If you need any further support with this topic, or if something is missing from our article, please don't hesitate to start a chat with us at any time using the Intercom button in the bottom right of your screen.

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