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I can't find a channel in the App-store
I can't find a channel in the App-store
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The channel connectors displayed in the App-store are specific to your shop's country and industry.

You can adjust the filtering settings inside the app-store to view channels from other industries.

Currently it's not possible to install channels from other countries without changing your shop's country settings. If there are individual channels from other regions you'd like to install, please contact AdCurve support for further help.

Also, not all channels AdCurve provides will be available to install through the AdCurve App-store. Some channels still require a manual configuration by an AdCurve support member on your behalf.ย 

If there's a channel you'd like to configure for your shop that isn't available through the App-store, please contact us so that we can provide further help.


If you need any further support with this topic, or if something is missing from our article, please don't hesitate to start a chat with us at any time using the Intercom button in the bottom right of your screen.

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