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Why don’t I see conversion rate?
Why don’t I see conversion rate?

Why AdCurve's analytics don't provide a conversion rate metric

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Many analytics solutions will attribute an entire order to the very last touch-point in the customer journey, and measure this as a “Conversion Rate”. This conversion rate takes the total number of conversions (orders), and divides by the total number of visits. 

For example, if I’ve received 10 orders, from 200 visits, I can divide 10 by 200 to get a conversion rate of 5%.

With this attribution model an advert focused on the orientation phase, simply introducing a product to customers, could have been a major contributing factor in an order I’ve received, but would have a very low conversion rate.

Adcurve instead keeps track of every touch-point along the Customer Journey (link), and calculates the real value that each publisher is contributing to your campaigns.

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