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Admarkt for Marktplaats
Admarkt for Marktplaats

Support for installing and using AdCurve's Admarkt Connector

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Admarkt for Marktplaats is a marketplace advertising platform specific to The Netherlands. It provides the opportunity to place product ads to your webshop alongside new or used items that individuals are selling on the marketplace.

Before installing the AdMarkt for Marktplaats connector in AdCurve, it is necessary for you to have an account with Admarkt first. If you don't have an account already, you can register here.

Admarkt for Marktplaats Contents:

1. Installing the Admarkt Connector
2. Mapping to Admarkt Product Categories.
3. Adjusting the Cost per Click price
4. Uploading the AdCurve feed to Admarkt

1. Installing the Admarkt Connector

The Admarkt connector for AdCurve can be found in the AdCurve Appstore. If you’re having difficulty finding it, try using the "Shopping" filter to narrow your results. Once you’ve opened the details page for Admarkt, press the “Install Connector” button to get started.

Before getting started, please ensure that you have pop-ups enabled, if you’re unsure of how to do so, please select your browser for further instructions: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox.

During the install process, the Connector Wizard will ask you to log into your Admarkt account. The AdCurve Cost Connection collects the costs of your ads from Admarkt on a daily basis to ensure that we can provide you with the most accurate data on your campaigns.

Once you’ve pressed the Connect to Admarkt button, you’ll be directed to a page on the Admarkt website and asked to log in.

After entering the credentials, please confirm the details and continue by pressing Bevestigen.

Finally, Admarkt requires your seller name from Marktplaats to be included in the feed as a "Unique Identifier". Please enter your seller name as it appears on Marktplaats to complete the installation process.

2. Mapping products to the Marktplaats product categories

You'll need to map your products to a Marktplaats product category before your ads will be displayed. Admarkt requires your products to be mapped to one of the product categories to ensure that the ads displayed are relevant as customers search or browse on Marktplaats.

To learn how to map your products, check out our product mapping article.

You can also find a complete list of Marktplaats product categories here

Please be aware that Marktplaats does not allow products to be "re-categorized". The product can be set once and then cannot be changed. Please ensure that you are confident of the correct category before applying category mapping.

3. Admarkt bidding and minimum click price.

Admarkt uses cost-per-click pricing model that allows individual advertisers to bid and the highest bid will be displayed first. There are however a few important things to note about how Admarkt bidding works:

  • You pay the full bid price, if you've bid € 0,02 and win, your costs will be based on the full € 0,02 regardless of what the next highest bid was.

  • The price you pay is actually based on the number of internal clicks in Marktplaats before the customer "clicked-out" on your ad. For example, if your bid is € 0,02 and the customer has made 3 clicks in Marktplaats before clicking on your ad, you'll pay € 0,06 (3 clicks x € 0,02).

  • Each product category has a minimum cost per click bid.

The minimum click price is an important aspect of getting your product ads displayed on Marktplaats. If the feed you provide to Admarkt doesn't have a bid that meets the minimum, your ads won't be displayed.

When you map a product to one of Admarkt's product categories, Adcurve will automatically assign that product the minimum bid. You can always manually adjust this, which we'll cover in next section, however if you adjust the bid lower than the minimum, we'll adjust it back up to the meet the minimum to ensure that the ad is still displayed.

4. Adjusting the cost per click bid

Bids for Admarkt can be adjusted within AdCurve by assigning a bidding group to products. More information on exactly how to do this can be found in our bidding groups article.

Something to keep in mind when setting bids for Admarkt is that you pay for the internal clicks the customer makes before clicking on your ad. This is on average around 7 clicks, so, if your bid is € 0,02 you'll pay on average around € 0,14 for each click on your ad.

5. Uploading the AdCurve feed to Admarkt (Legacy support)

This is applicable only to shops using a traditional product feed, rather than Admarkt's API. If you're unsure of which system your shop is using, you are most likely using the API to update products.

If you know that your shop needs to use a product feed, you will need to upload this feed on your Admarkt account.

The feed location can be copied from the Feed tab on the right hand panel in Ad Management. 

The feed location then needs to be added to your Admarkt account using the following link: 

It can take Admarkt up to 48 hours to process the feed and get your ads displayed. If this doesn't happen in a timely manner, please contact Admarkt support for additional assistance.

If you need any further support with Admarkt for Marktplaats, or if something is missing from our article, please don't hesitate to start a chat with us at any time using the Intercom button in the bottom right of your screen.

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