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The Customer Journey

About the AdCurve Customer Journey

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Let’s say you’re thinking about going to the cinema next weekend.
Scrolling through your social media timelines, you see people talking about movies. The seed is planted and you look up some titles on a search engine.
The day after, you get an email from a movie club around your neighborhood.
A couple of days later, you click on paid search ads and check some reviews.
When that banner for free popcorn with every two tickets shows up,
you’ve built enough momentum to make your decision.
You book your tickets to the Kinky Boots tribute.

You’ve just completed another digital customer journey.

A digital customer journey isn’t far from an old school one. Their main difference is that in digital - where mobile searches dominate the landscape - purchase decisions happen in moments. Digital’s major benefit is that with the right tool, all these moments are trackable.

Knowing how your campaigns work together gives you full control of your costs and profit. You can weed out campaigns and individual ads that are underperforming, or you can adjust your spent to appear higher in search results and get more customers in.

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