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The Contribution Algorithm
The Contribution Algorithm

About the AdCurve Contribution Algorithm

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Starting with the basics

Customer journeys are complex. Especially when you run multiple campaigns, it’s challenging to keep track of their performance.

Attribution models have been in place to help you understand which channels are mostly responsible for a final sale. The common practice so far was to give all credit either to the final touch-point, or to the first one. That was a rather simplistic approach for such a complex process; many valuable touch-points would end up invisible.

As a result, retailers would lose money by weeding out of their campaigns the most valuable - but hidden - contributors.

The AdCurve difference

The need to look deeply into the heart of customer journey led to AdCurve’s contribution algorithm.

By tracking and analyzing every click and visit across multiple channels and devices, it calculates each channel’s estimated contribution to a final sale. When a customer places an order, it collects all related visits and clicks. It then analyzes the customer journey in depth and compares it to previous ones, revealing each touch-point’s exact contribution.

Or, in short, it’s a patented and awarded decision support system, that helps you only invest in your most profitable channels.

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