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What are AdCurve Tips?

AdCurve tips are daily actionable insights into your shop's campaigns. Tips are tailored to your shop, based on campaign data from the past 30 days. 

Tips are generated daily, and a list of your most recent tips can be viewed on the right hand panel from your Dashboard.

Adcuve generates tips based on three main criteria:

1. Product Ads with a negative ROI - If the Return on Investment for a product ad over the past 30 days was negative, AdCurve will generate a tip to alert you and recommend that you deactivate the product ad.

2. Categories with a negative ROI - If a whole product category in your shop has had a negative Return on Investment over the past 30 days, a tip will be generated to recommend that you deactivate products from that category.

(Category tips are usually only generated if a category in your shop has high costs but relatively low traffic. Without sufficient traffic we're not able to generate tips on individual product ads, so create a tip for the whole category instead.)

3. Content Tips - AdCurve will also check your shop for products that are missing important information, such as product images or descriptions, and generate a tip so that you can update the products.

Tips Overview Tab

The Tips Overview will show you a summary of the profit opportunity for your campaign, the number of un-actioned tips that have been generated, and tell you when the most recent tip was generated.

This tab also provides a complete list of all the unactioned tips. Each tip can be opened to see more details about why the tip was generated, and which products it affects.

When viewing the Tips tab, the tips displayed will be specific to the channel selected in the left navigation panel. If the Overview is still selected, tips for all channels will be shown.

Once you've selected a tip, you'll see a detailed breakdown on why the tip has been generated and a list of the affected products. From here the products can easily be deactivated, or you can chose to dismiss the tip to remove it from your tips list.

Not all products in your shop will be used to generate tips. We require at-least 30 days worth of data, and a sufficient number of visits to be able to generate a tip. 

New products that have not been advertised long enough to generate tips will be indicated with the Quarantine status in Ad Management. Products ads that have been manually deactivated will also not be used to generate tips.

If you need any further support with Tips, or if something is missing from our article, please don't hesitate to start a chat with us at any time using the Intercom button in the bottom right of your screen.

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