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AdCurve Tag Manager
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A tag manager is a small piece of code that is used in web development to avoid placing multiple tracking cookies or tags directly on every page on the site. Instead, a set of tags is held in a “tag container” off-site, and the one piece of code referencing the tag container is placed on every page. 

When changes are necessary, the tag manager allows making that change once to the set of tags inside the container, rather than needing to change every page on your website.

AdCurve uses a number of tracking tags and cookies in order to map the customer journey and determine the value contributed by each of your marketing channels. 

When you add new channels or advertising channels, we ensure that the appropriate tags are added to the container so that you can start tracking traffic straight away without making any changes to your website.

The tag manager is activated based on cookie consent to ensure that it complies with European laws. It also ensures that that channels receive only the information they require, and that your customer’s private data is secure from third parties.

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