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What is Contributed Revenue?
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โ€œContributed Revenueโ€ in AdCurve is a measure of how much real revenue a product ad or channel has added to your shop.

Every order is the result of multiple customer "touch-points". A touch-point could be on- or off-line and make use of multiple devices like mobile phones, tv, stores, printed media, etc.

All the touch-points of a customer contribute to the order, some more than others. We call this the Customer Journey.Most analytic solutions will attribute the order to only one of these customer touch-points, usually the very last one.ย 

AdCurve takes the entire Customer Journey into account, and calculates how much each touch-point along the customer journey has contributed so that you can see the real value your ads bring to your shop.

Contributed Revenue is calculated by multiplying the contribution of each ad by the number of orders it has assisted. AdCurve does the math for you to ensure that you can see the real value added by each ad.

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