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How can I connect AdCurve to my account?
How can I connect AdCurve to my account?
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To connect AdCurve to your account, you need to enter your API credentials in AdCurve.

Please follow the next 3 steps to fetch the API credentials from your account and paste them in AdCurve.

Step 1. Login to your account

Step 2. Lookup keys

Navigate to 'API's' and copy the values of the ID and Secret parameter


Step 3. Copy/Paste credentials in AdCurve publisher wizard

You can enter the ID and Secret Key during the initial installation of the app in the first step of the connection wizard.

Add/Edit your credentials in AdCurve

The credentials can also be added or changed if the app is already installed.
Go to the Publisher Settings page for and add/edit the credentials as shown below.

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