Why track SEA campaigns with AdCurve?

AdCurve allows you to set the optimal bid for every ad. The optimal bid is the profit you make on an ad divided by the amount of visits generated by that ad. AdCurve also collects the actual costs from Adwords to calculate the actual Profit and ROI of every ad. To calculate the optimal bid AdCurve requires correct tagging of all the final urls of the Google campaigns.

How to add parameters to your tracking template?

For every campaign (Generic, Branding, DSA, Shopping, etc) you can add specific parameters. This enables you to see the costs per product ad for every Google Campaign!

You can add these parameters easily:

  1. Select the campaign in Adwords and go to the Settings tab.
  2. Click on the campaign whose URL options you'd like to edit.
  3. Scroll down to Campaign URL options and click Edit.
  4. Edit your tracking template and add the specific tracking template for the campaign (you can copy and paste them from this page).
  5. Click Save.

What campaign requires what Tracking Parameters?

Google Shopping

AdCurve automatically adds the correct adwords_redirect link to the Shopping feed. Because of that the shopping campaigns (PLA's) do not need any tracking parameters.

Adwords Branding

Enter the following tracking template for Adwords Branding campaigns:


Adwords Generic

Enter the following tracking template for Adwords Generic campaigns:


Adwords Display

Enter the following tracking template for Adwords Display campaigns:


Adwords Remarketing

Enter the following tracking template for Adwords Remarketing campaigns:


Adwords Dynamic Search Ads (DSA's)

Enter the following tracking template for Adwords DSA campaigns:



Making changes to the tracking template on any level —except at the ad level— won't send the ad through the approval process: the ad will continue to serve, uninterrupted. If you change the tracking template on ad level, the ad needs to go through the Google approval process and this might disable your ads for some time.

TIP: Create your tracking template and custom parameters on campaign or ad group level. Avoid doing this on ad or keyword level.

This way, you'll minimise tracking updates and avoid repeating the ad approval process (any changes at the ad level will remove the existing ad and re-submit a new one for review).

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